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Advertisers appeal to ‘egocentric’ youth culture

Coca-Cola’s campaign, which was originally launched in Australia, has dramatically changed Coca-Cola’s sales around the globe, especially among teenagers and young adults, according to Ogilvy, the advertising company which designed the original campaign.

Marwa Morgan

Israel aims to break Hamas as hunt for youths intensifies

AFP – Israel stepped up efforts to crush Hamas in the West Bank on Tuesday as the hunt for three Israeli teenagers believed kidnapped by the Islamist movement entered its fifth day. Thousands of Israel troops engaged in the search for the youths turned their attention during the night to the northern West Bank city …

Daily News Egypt

Sisi’s ideal first decision: Release the detained youth

By Emad Al-Din Hussein   Field Marshal Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi was sworn in Sunday and has officially become the country’s president. All eyes have turned to him to pull Egypt out of its unprecedented crisis. Experts and observers have all been talking about what the first decision taken by the new president will be.  Most …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt: The youth win

The pillars of Mubarak’s regime and the aged forces of Egypt’s counterrevolution were preparing to “impress the world” (as goes the rhetoric that is used in privately owned, pro-Mubarak media) by a historic turnout at and unprecedentedly long queues outside polling stations in the first presidential election after Mohamed Morsi was ousted on 3 July. Supporters of …

Daily News Egypt

Israeli youth’s courage to refuse

By Dr Cesar Chelala In a letter sent to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, dozens of Israeli youth blasted the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), accusing it of “penetration into civilian life, which deepens the country’s chauvinism, militarism, violence, inequality and racism”. Yesh Gvul, an organisation that defends conscientious objectors, stated in response to the letter’s publication …

Daily News Egypt

Denting youth unemployment through agriculture in Africa

By Busani Bafana Agriculture is not glamourous. It suffers from entrenched negative perceptions. In the minds of many African youths, a farmer is someone like their parents, doing backbreaking labour in the fields and getting little to show for it. Nonetheless, agriculture is the engine driving many African economies. If it were to get the …

Daily News Egypt

South Africa’s youth employment bill

In May of 2012, a violent clash erupted between protesters and the opposition. Although this sounds like a fairly common news report from Egypt these days, the incident in fact took place in South Africa. The Democratic Alliance (DA), the main opposition to the ruling African National Congress (ANC), took to the streets to march …

Iris Boutros

Op-ed review: Youths and the army

Six misguided groups and a surviving one Ezzedine Choukri Fishere Columnist Ezzedine Choukri Fishere wonders how it is possible that even though the majority of voters are made up of young people, they are not present in the political scene by running for parliament or the presidency. He writes that he found the answer to …

Daily News Egypt

Where have all the young votes gone?

As I watched news coverage of Egypt’s constitutional referendum, I am constantly inundated with this urban legend that has surfaced following the polling regarding the absence of young voters. Interim President Adly Mansour has recently held a meeting with the youth to discuss this theme; around the same exact time, presidential political adviser Mostafa Higazy held a …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

MENA youth refuse to step down despite setbacks

By Aisha Habli Beirut – The glow of the Arab Spring wore off in the media a while ago. Violence, internal division and widespread frustration have replaced the hopeful scenes of youth standing up to demand change. But have youth really stepped back from the frontlines of such change? I followed up with my peers, …

Daily News Egypt