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Rioting ultras and striking police officers may ease security reform

By James M. Dorsey The fallout of last year’s death of more than 70 football fans in a politically-loaded stadium riot has brought the need for reform of Egypt’s Mubarak-era law enforcement and judiciary to a head with football supporters in Egyptian cities protesting the verdicts of those accused of inciting the incident, and security …

Daily News Egypt

The Horror

For the past week I have been avoiding, ducking and evading the black hole of negativity that has seemingly sucked everyone in. It wasn’t an easy task especially because for everyone I spoke to, the news of what’s been happening in the country, from mass sexual assaults and terrorism to police torture of street children, …

Mahmoud Salem

Analyzing Morsi’s Presidency

Since Morsi took office, the map of political actors that existed under SCAF has been reconfigured. During the 8 months of Morsi’s presidency, shifting political alliances and power relations have made for a complex political landscape. While such changes are expected in any political system undergoing a process of transformation, in Egypt they were significant …

Ziad A. Akl

Hesham Hellyer

Egypt is not Somalia (it isn’t Switzerland, either)

The last two weeks were not a huge surprise. For some, it seems that the last couple of weeks were the result of a strategy by forces opposed to the presidency of Mohamed Morsi—that the violence was planned, arranged, and implemented. There is a corresponding logic to that line of thought—that had the violence not …

Dr H.A. Hellyer

Six pieces, looking for an author

Far from violence, clashes and clouds of tear gas, from press releases and accusations, we are called to escape the chaos of our country and pick up the scattered pieces that once formed a picture of Egypt. This picture, as it currently exists under the Muslim Brotherhood, is in the process of being created, but …

Farid Zahran

Review: Commentaries debate opposition, violence and corruption

Writers across Egyptian newspapers have explored an assortment of topics. Some of them dissected the deteriorating level of human rights in Egypt, especially after the recent clip of torture showing a man being beaten and dragged across the ground by Central Security Forces (CSF). Other writers condemned the opposition and their failing attempts to establish …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Op-Eds chide authority for using violence

After the recent video clip showing  an Egyptian man being beaten and dragged by security forces, several commentaries have exposed the issue of human rights violations in Egypt. Many writers pointed fingers at the executive authority, blaming it for the widespread violence. Several columnists believe that the authorities should end the practice of violence to …

Daily News Egypt

Demeaning enough?

They kept repeating the clip in front of me for more than five subsequent times. I starred at the pixelated screen. But it was still okay. The viciousness was clear enough for me. I could see the legs kicking him in the back, sticks hammering him on his head, hands dragging him from his legs …

Ethar Shalaby

The Battle of the Camel: Understanding the ‘counter-revolutionaries’

A common practice in Egypt has been to label your opposition as thugs, anti-Islamists or remnants of the former regime. These kabels are applied all too frequently and all too easily, as a means to justify one group’s actions over another. a closer look at the battle that took place on 2 February 2011 shows there were legitimate grounds for concern among the “regime remnants” that attacked the square that day; just as the revolutionaries fought for their lives, so too did their opposition

Luiz Sanchez