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Stalemate at MIU

Students will not leave campus until Hamdy Hassan resigns, administration will not talk until students leave

Emily Crane

The coverage of violence against women

Egyptian women experience various forms of discrimination in public and private life. One of the biggest results of discrimination is violence. Although the media condemns violence and raises awareness about its enormity in some outlets, it has been accused of accidently perpetuating violence as well. Daily News Egypt investigates how violence against Egyptian women is covered in both printed and televised media.

Sarah El Masry

Review: Op-eds warn from expected violence

Several writers have warned of more expanding violence in the coming period. Some commentaries advised President Mohamed Morsi to announce an initiative to combat violence and stop listening to the instructions of the Muslim Brotherhood.   Security and law Amr Rabei Hashem Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper The recent incidents of violence that erupted in Egypt over …

Daily News Egypt

Educating with a broomstick

Officials claim incidents of violence against students are ‘minor’, while some parents support ‘harmless’ beatings to keep the kids under control

Ethar Shalaby

On blood, lynching and moving forward

Two months ago, after a heated discussion, a bunch of us self-proclaimed analysts concluded that Egypt is about to dive head-first into a fresh wave of violence. The trigger to this downward spiral started in November 2012 with Morsi’s dictatorial presidential decree immunising his decisions and the work of the Shura Council while passing a …

Sara Abou Bakr

Review: Columnists express anger over recent clashes

The recent violence taking place in front of the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in Mokattam over the past two days has pushed several writers to voice their frustration at the ongoing clashes. Other commentaried explored the recent visit of United States President Barack Obama to the Middle East, who did not visit Egypt while in the …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Columnists explore the presence of armed forces in Port Said

After the recent strikes in several police stations, commentators across almost all Egyptian newspapers discussed the consequences of the move. Many writers debated the extent of danger resulting from the presence of the armed forces in the Mediterranean city of Port Said, whereas some believe it reminds people of 28 January, when police disappeared from …

Daily News Egypt