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Security is key to the UAE’s freedom

By Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance,” said the 18th century Irish politician John Philpot Curran. I could not agree more, especially when there are so many unscrupulous people abusing their freedom to create violence and anarchy. Sadly, troublemakers and crazies have succeeded in turning parts of the Middle East …

Daily News Egypt

Gulf alliances: Regional states hedge their bets

By James M. Dorsey The current Saudi-led intervention in Yemen, designed to prevent Iranian-backed forces from gaining power, symbolises the Gulf’s new assertiveness. This is unfolding as the various Gulf states seek to hedge their bets with different strategies that complement rather than replace the regional US security umbrella. Qatar, this month, signed a military …

Daily News Egypt

UAE and Egypt work hand-in-hand for a better Egypt

By Dr Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber, Minister of State for the United Arab Emirates The past month has reinforced for the international community the importance of Egypt to the region and to the world. With the conclusion of the Arab League Summit and the Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC), Egypt has once again emerged as the region’s leading …

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