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Living with Greece’s new tax increase

How are Greeks dealing with the country’s new value-added tax? Where are they cutting corners? As Marinathi Milona reports from Thessaloniki, many Greeks feel the increase is the right plan at the wrong time.

Deutsche Welle

United Bank to allow paying taxes, customs through branches

The United Bank will introduce in all branches a service for paying all government dues, such as individual and company taxes and customs, the bank’s chairman Mohamed Ashmawy revealed Thursday. The move comes in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance. Ashmawy stressed the significance of enhancing electronic payments in Egypt, instead of depending on traditional …

Daily News Egypt

The elimination of tax exemption is a ‘necessity’: Tax Authority head

Mostafa Abdel Qader, chairman of Egypt’s Tax Authority, requested that tax exemptions that Egypt has granted for decades be eliminated, stressing that Egypt has not reaped benefits from them and that they are a “type of intellectual colonisation”. “The imposition of taxes on dividends and capital gains represent a bigger step towards achieving greater justice,” …

Mohamed Ayyad