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Sustenance on the streets

As many people in the country are out on the streets to express their opinion on the president and the government, a subculture of vendors arises with them, providing much needed sustenance to the protesters.

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In Pictures: Tahrir Square overflows with protesters

Early in the morning of the anticipated 30 June, Tahrir Square is packed and is expected to fill up further when marches converge onto the historical square. The opposition protesters are marching to the Downtown Square and the presidential palace in protests that coincide with the one year anniversary of President Mohamed Morsi’s rise to …

Daily News Egypt

Review: America’s support to Morsi and Tahrir Square explored in columns

The recent visit of the United States Secretary of State John Kerry has pushed several writers to analyse America’s reasons to support the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Morsi. Meanwhile, some commentators have discussed the objective of demonstrators, who appear persistent to remain in Tahrir Square.   Mohamed Salmawi The Muslim Brotherhood’s American Support Al-Masry …

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