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Is tourism in crisis?

The terrorist attacks in Paris and the Sinai airplane crash affect everyone – tourism as well. Do vacationers feel insecure? Here’s an appraisal.Terror attacks in Paris, Brussels on the highest level of security alert: the tourist industry is feeling the effects. Terrorists have struck in popular tourist destinations this year.

Deutsche Welle

What we know about the Russian plane crash

    It is almost impossible to write about an incident that involves the loss of human life without first expressing grief and condolences for the lives lost in such unfortunate events. Almost two weeks have now passed since the Russian passenger plane crashed over Sinai and all we know so far from the Egyptian …

Ziad A. Akl

Egyptians disappear, Egypt disintegrates

By Wael Eskandar Nabil Elboustany was on his way to Sinai on 6 October to meet his brother Tarek for vacation. At a checkpoint just outside Sharm El-Sheikh, the police performed a background check on Nabil and found him on their system due to an old case that included trumped up charges of which he …

Daily News Egypt