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Justifying sexual harassment in Egypt

I was caught up last week in following up the wave of criticism directed at talk show host Reham Saeed. The anchor disclosed private pictures of a sexual harassment victim and used those pictures to claim that the inappropriate and unethical life styles of women are the reason they are sexually harassed. Saeed’s reasoning was …

Ziad A. Akl

Egypt’s identity: Hovering between love and rule of law

By Mohammed Nosseir Egyptian rulers gamble when they think that they can manipulate the national identity to serve their political goals. Each ruler has his own perception of the Egyptian identity that he wants to impose on society either through expressing love or by applying harsh laws that aim at fine-tuning citizens to fit into a …

Daily News Egypt

The art of fighting sexual harassment

“Shout Art Loud,” an interactive web documentary produced by the international non profit “Index on Censorship”, explores how art tackles the topic of sexual harassment in Egypt

Marwa Morgan