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SCAF-instated CBE law modifications to be confirmed by Morsy

President Morsy will issue a declaration in a few days to amend 2 articles of the presidential decree number 64 for 2004 governing the Central Bank of Egypt, according to state-owned Al-Ahram. The cabinet has already approved the modification to the law that was issued by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) last year. …

Fady Salah

One man, one vote, one time

By Philip Whitfield CAIRO: You’d die to be immortalised by a zinger, wouldn’t you? Like Ed Djerejian”s after Islamists and pro-democracy groups fell out in Algeria — condemning 30 million to decades of misery, penury and slaughter. Some counted 200,000 corpses. The killing hasn’t stopped 21 years on. That North African torment began with Morsy-like …

Fady Salah

O’ Army, save us?

This is where we are probably heading and it frightens the hell out of me.  The self-proclaimed Islamists refuse to see it. The situation in Egypt has taken a downturn in the last three months in ways that are hard to describe; prices of almost all basic food items have skyrocketed, and talks about a …

Sara Abou Bakr

Does the Islamists’ rise to power achieve American interests?

In light of the lack – and at times absence – of information, accurate political analysis has become extremely difficult to come by. Hence, we can say without any exaggeration that efforts of analysts in our country rely upon guesswork and whatever information has been scattered and spread as rumours, which find their way the …

Farid Zahran

Review: Morsy’s praise of ex-military gang criticized

In almost all Egyptian newspapers, major columns have denounced President Morsy’s latest tribute to Tantawi and his team, and more than one writer has affirmed that his words are an insult to those who died during the revolution.

Some articles have amplified their criticism of the Shura Council for sacking Al-Gomhuria’s editor-in-chief with a simple word: out! The move, in their view, entails a persistent attitude to step over the Egyptian press and its pride.

Daily News Egypt