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Is there no other alternative to the Muslim Brotherhood?

It has been repeated many times in recent months that there exists no alternative to the Muslim Brotherhood in terms of selecting a group capable and organised enough to rule Egypt. Other organisations, it has been claimed, lack unity, do not have enough popular political support, or have no clear vision for a political platform. …

Farid Zahran

A daunting mission: Getting back Egypt’s stolen assets

Over the course of Hosni Mubarak’s rule, the illicit outflow of funds from Egypt are estimated at $132bn. After the January 2011 Revolution, countries such as Switzerland and the United Kingdom have been asked to freeze and repatriate Egypt’s stolen wealth. However, many legal, political and financial hindrances stand in the way. Daily News Egypt examines these hurdles and the efforts the Egyptian and foreign governments have exerted in order to recover these lost assets.

Sarah El Masry

Morsi’s end

By Philip Whitfield Chitchat is Cairo’s currency. Spotting a rare bird in the undergrowth has set the tongues wagging. One swallow doesn’t make a summer. But the return of this migrant to Egypt’s shores has stirred the jabberers into a chunter. In another conversation a medical man laid a bet that Morsi et al will …

Daily News Egypt

Who Cut Egypt’s Cable?

By Daniel Nisman On 28 March, the Egyptian military stunned the tech world when it announced that it had apprehended three divers suspected of attempting to sever the SEA-ME-WE 4 fibre optic cable  which services communications and internet connections to Egypt and the greater Middle East region, as well as Asia.  Included in the press …

Daily News Egypt

Dr H.A. Hellyer

Military intervention and Egypt’s future

The military may be coming – and it seems like everyone knows and is waiting for it, except the Muslim Brotherhood. The irony is: they are the ones who have the most to lose. A new intervention into governance by the Egyptian armed forces is something that many in the political, social and economic elite …

Dr H.A. Hellyer

Will the army administer our country once again?

It’s no secret that some in Egypt who seek to bring the army back into power have once again descended onto the nation’s streets, not for the purpose of restoring peace and security as some claim, but rather to rule and administer the country from anew. This position enjoys widespread support within a certain sector …

Farid Zahran

Samira Ibrahim and the plaque of courage

Samira Ibrahim is a young Egyptian woman, fed up with Hosni Mubarak and his regime; fed up with  the life she hopes for and knows she will never get in a country infested by corruption and favouritism; fed up with  an education she earned and is unlikely to use. She probably knew as little politics …

Rana Allam

Rape, burn and pillage

Violence. Sheer, unadulterated brute force. From the Ultras, to the Brotherhood’s ‘militias’ (can you believe that our president is a member of a group that has ‘militias’? Doesn’t that sound utterly ludicrous; does it not strain credulity to breaking point when you say it out loud?), to the MOI, to SCAF, to the mysterious (and …

Daily News Egypt

The Civilian Products of Military Factories

Last Thursday the news websites greeted us with a picture of the US Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, celebrating the decision of the US department of agriculture to allow the importation of Egyptian strawberries to the American market by opening a box of strawberries and eating one. On that same day, we were also greeted …

Mahmoud Salem

Will Morsi Face Mubarak’s Fate?

By Sherif Elhelwa As Egyptians celebrated the second anniversary of former president Hosni Mubarak’s ousting, protests organised by opposition groups continued against the rule of Mubarak’s successor President Mohamed Morsi, who some believe will meet Mubarak’s fate. Others believe he remains firmly in control. Although promoted as “peaceful”, marches toward government institutions and the presidential …

Daily News Egypt

The cautionary tale of NSFMommy and MBDaddy

Good morning Children, Today we are going to tell the story of the unfortunately very Egyptian marriage of NSFMommy and MBDaddy. Like most Egyptian marriage stories, it’s a very stupid family drama where there are no heroes and even the victim looks bad in the end. We are not sure if there is a moral …

Mahmoud Salem

A Year in Review: Constitutional mazes

For the past two years whoever has been in power in Egypt has taken it upon themselves to issue constitutional decrees in order to right the wrongs of previous decrees. Predictably, this plunged the country into constitutional chaos.

Liliana Mihaila