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European automotive market experiencing huge suffering in 4 year

The sales of European cars declined to their lowest pace in four years last month due to lower purchasing power and tax changes in Britain. Bloomberg News Agency reported that some companies, including Volkswagen and Ford, lost their share in the European market to Fiat Chrysler and NF automobiles, which attract customers with their distinctive …

Mohamed Ramadan

Sales of high-priced cars exceed sales of middle-class cars

Cars worth more than EGP 2m registered more sales than middle-class cars worth around EGP 150,000. This reflects the reluctance of the middle class to buy cars during a phase of economic uncertainty and turmoil, while the richer segments of society of course do not have to pay much attention to their expenses. The positions …

Daily News Egypt

Verna sells 864 cars in three months

The Hyundai Verna topped the sales of Korean cars in Egypt in the first quarter (Q1) of 2017, selling 864 units for EGP 125.2m.The Verna is considered the cheapest Korean car in Egypt, with its parts locally assembled in Ghabbour Auto’s factory. The Kia Cerato came in second place, with sales of EGP 239.9m and …

Daily News Egypt

Nissan tops Japanese car sales in Egypt

The new Nissan Sunny was able to remain atop the list of most sold Japanese cars in Egypt throughout the first quarter of this year, recording sales of 2,806 units for EGP 555m. Nissan Qashqai came in second place, with 1,648 sold cars for EGP 618m, followed by Nissan Sentra with 1,549 sold units for …

Daily News Egypt

574 Optra vehicles sold in Q1

Chevrolet Optra topped the sales of American cars in the first quarter (Q1) of 2017, achieving sales of 574 units with a value worth EGP 120.5m. The Ford Focus followed the Optra, with 434 units sold at a value of EGP 138.8m, followed by the Chevrolet Lanos, which occupied the third position in the list …

Daily News Egypt