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‘Replace My Face’ blends Western beauty with Eastern charm

By Rana Khaled   Have you ever noticed that Fouad El-Mohandes and Robin Williams look alike? Or paid attention to the resemblance between Bridgette Bardot and Naglaa Fathy, Ismail Yassin and Charlie Chaplin or Philip Seymour Hoffman and Yehia Al-Fakharany? A 24-year-old graphic designer, Hagar Nagi, decided to search for international celebrities who look similar …

Daily News Egypt

The inner journey of Marwa Adel

“Marwa Adel is one of the most professional photographers in the world, and she has a statement to make, and it is a very important one regarding women and society,” said Professor Shems Friedlander, director of the AUC’s photographic gallery.

Daily News Egypt


Photographing the blind people of Egypt

  At least 800,000 Egyptians are blind, according to a report by the Egyptian Ministry of Health published in partnership with the World Health Organization. In an attempt to document blind people’s lives in Egypt, photojournalist Mostafa Darwish has been working on his multimedia project “Light and Dark,” since April 2013. In addition to a …

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