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Women heralding the winds of change in Pakistan

By Farahnaz Zahidi Moazzam KARACHI, Pakistan: From a country where terrorism, extremism, inner strife and polarization continue to eat at its roots, good news is reaching out globally from a perhaps unexpected source — its women. Pakistani women are fighting for more than just the empowerment of women. They are taking center-stage in Pakistan’s fight against …


Abdul Sattar Edhi: a beacon of hope in Pakistan

By Zeeshan Suhail ISLAMABAD: At the request of the Prime Minister, the government of Pakistan submitted an official nomination to the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Committee for a Pakistani humanitarian, Abdul Sattar Edhi, late last year. This is encouraging news, considering the political and economic instability which Pakistan continues to face. With such challenges, it’s important …


Healing the sick man of South Asia

By Michael Spence LAHORE: Pakistan is undergoing three transitions simultaneously. How they unfold matters not only for Pakistan, but also for much of the Muslim world, particularly as the Arab Spring forces change upon governments across the wider Middle East. Most Muslim countries were governed for decades by autocrats who had either emerged directly from the …


Al-Qaeda confirms death of Pakistani insurgent

By Chris Brummitt / AP ISLAMABAD: Al-Qaeda has confirmed an American drone strike killed one of its commanders in Pakistan last month — a success in a CIA-led campaign that is a major source of tension stalling the relationship between Washington and Islamabad. The death of Badr Mansoor in the strike along the border with Afghanistan …


Pakistan’s first Oscar

By Beena Sarwar BOSTON, Massachusetts: Pakistan’s online community erupted in virtual cheers as Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy received an Academy Award (or Oscar) recently in Hollywood for co-directing the Best Documentary (Short Subject). A Tweet by Pakistani blogger Anthony Permal summed up the feelings of many of his compatriots: “A woman from Pakistan, who made a film …


South Asia’s false spring

By Brahma Chellaney NEW DELHI: From the armed coup that recently ousted the Maldives’ first democratically elected president, Mohamed Nasheed, to the Pakistani Supreme Court’s current effort to undermine a toothless but elected government by indicting Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on contempt charges, South Asia’s democratic advances appear to be shifting into reverse. Nasheed’s forced …


Pakistan on the precipice

By Shahid Javed Burki ISLAMABAD: Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari abruptly returned to Karachi on the morning of Dec. 19, following a 13-day absence for medical treatment in Dubai, where he lived while in exile. The government issued no a formal statement about Zadari’s health, but his supporters disclosed that he had suffered a mild stroke, …


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