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Street children: What they are not

We see them everywhere. They beg, they clean cars, they fight in the street. We see mothers with their babies and babies without their mothers. We see them in wheelchairs, sitting on the ground, leaning on our cars. Begging, touching us. Asking us to help them, for the love of God. We see them sleeping in the street, under a blanket, on a piece of cardboard. Sometimes, we mistake them for a pile of garbage. They are everywhere, all day, all night. We call them street children and most of us have never exchanged a single word with them.

Daily News Egypt

Amidst the chaos, a really bad NGO law is about to be enacted

 By Robert Becker In a year that has been dominated so far by gruesome images of police brutality, horrific gang rape, curfew-busting protests, controversial court decisions, and ineffectual leadership by all Egyptian political forces, it is easy to understand how this 31 January headline caught no one’s attention: Final draft of NGO law sent to Cabinet …

Daily News Egypt

The referendum of shame

It is finally here, the big event the Muslim Brotherhood has been eagerly waiting for. The constitutional referendum is finally taking place as this column is being written. There is no question that this referendum is indeed a historic moment that will be remembered. However, while I confess to the referendum being a historic event, …

Fady Salah

From the other side: The issue of the civil society is a different story

In Mid-March of 2011, 60 civil society organisations submitted a draft law pertaining to the work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) under then Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, while Dr Gouda Abdul Khaleq was in charge of the ministry of social solidarity. They waited for a date for a discussion of the new law, which included protecting …

Gamal Eid

Government instates 15% raise for non-public sector employees

By Mahmoud Salah El-Din The government has instituted a 15% salary raise for the employees of the private sector, non-governmental organisations, and private institutions as of July 1. The raise followed issuance of law 82 of 2012. Refaat Hassan, Minister of Manpower, said the award was decided following the annual bonus negotiation meeting, held on …

Daily News Egypt

NGOs say change will be gradual

By Marwa Al-A’asar Over eight weeks after former president Hosni Mubarak stepped down, the laws governing some 26,000 civil society organizations operating in Egypt are still being fiercely debated. Civil society groups, including a variety of non-governmental organizations (NGO) have always complained of the restrictions imposed on them by the government. Both local and international …


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