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Review: Commentaries advise government to prioritise duties

Columnists condemn the poor performance of Hesham Qandil’s government in the wake of a series of sad incidents that took place last week.  Some writers are asking the cabinet to pay extra attention to the basic needs of the poor, instead of focusing on endless internal political disputes.   What does the poor want from …

Daily News Egypt

Chinese chequered

By Philip Whitfield The enemy of my enemy is my friend – Arab and Chinese proverb. Fathom this out. The Egyptian foreign policy moves towards rebelling against the United States and others who want to shape Egypt’s policies through their financial aids. The words are those of Ambassador Mojtaba Amani, head of the Iranian Interests …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Columnists critique Morsy’s administration and its opposition

Commentators discussed Morsy’s administration, the failure of Hesham Qandil’s government to solve the simplest problems and the opposition’s plans to protest on the second anniversary of the January 25th Revolution.   Opposition will not rule 25 January Emad Al-Din Hussein Al-Shorouk newspaper The opposition needs to understand that the path towards democracy is a long …

Daily News Egypt

Train disaster fuels rising anger

News of Monday night’s deadly train accident in Badrashin, 40 km south of Cairo, shocked and dismayed Egyptians . Nineteen young conscripts of the Central Security Forces were killed and scores were injured (many of them critically) when two train carriages derailed and rammed into a parked freight train. The train, carrying more than a …

Shahira Amin

Editor’s letter: Egyptian naive hopes for 2013

For some reason, towards the end of every year I feel emotionally detached from the many wishes and hopes of a happy New Year. I always wonder what difference it would make waking up the following day in a year that has a different digit to the right. However, I still like these good wishes …

Maher Hamoud

After the Constitution: Have we Really Achieved Stability?

rid The referendum was passed with nearly 64% of the electorate voting “Yes,” in two rounds of voting that possessed its fair share of violations, rigging and fraud. Those who did vote “No,” were not just saying no to the referendum itself, but also to the larger Muslim Brotherhood franchise. With regards to those who …

Fady Salah

Folly to be wise

By Philip Whitfield Undressing the tree, the Christmas cards tease. Bundle and bung? Or pause wistfully. The ones from Palestine are most inclining. Not from bullyboys or assassins. They hail from everyday folk. One draws most attention. The writer points out that when O little town of Bethlehem is sung seldom think of today’s city …

Fady Salah

Most read columns in 2012

Daily News Egypt would like to thank contributors to the Commentary page who provided us and our readers with insight, analysis, hope and in some cases laughter to pull us through the stressful times

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