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Military police attack Qasr Al-Eini hospital after fight

By Omnia Al Desoukie CAIRO: Military police stormed Egypt’s leading public hospital early Tuesday after a fight between one of the hospital guards and an army soldier, the hospital staff said. Three guards were detained by the military, the added. According to eyewitnesses, Qasr Al-Eini Hospital guard Waheed Khalaf, 30, rebuked a soldier for harassing a …


Military police clashes with protesters, martyrs’ families in Alexandria

By Abdel Rahman Youssef ALEXANDRIA: Army forces clashed Tuesday with protesters and families of martyrs attending the trial of police officers accused of killing Jan. 25 protesters in Alexandria. Scuffles broke out when protesters chanted against police and army forces, which provoked the army forces. Three protesters were briefly detained in an Armed Personnel Carrier in …


Protesters recount torture while in military detention

by Mai Shams El-Din CAIRO: Protesters arrested by the military police during its March 9 evacuation of the Tahrir Square sit-in gave testimonials of torture and humiliation while in military custody at the Journalists’ Syndicate on Wednesday. Protester Salwa Al-Housiny Gouda, said she and a group of young women were forced to strip naked in military …


Rights groups accuse military police of torturing, detaining activists

By Marwa Al-A’asar CAIRO: A number of human rights groups accused the military police of torturing as well as arbitrarily detaining protesters and activists over the past two weeks. Over 150 people who participated in the January 25 Revolution were subject to questioning by the military prosecution; some were then referred to a military court. …


Tahrir sit-in attacked; square cleared

By AFP CAIRO: The army broke the sit-in at Tahrir Square Wednesday as attackers armed with knives and machetes waded into hundreds of protesters camping there. An eyewitness told Daily News Egypt that army officers broke the tents while protesters were clashing with the attackers. The officers used force with whoever stood in their way …


Activist files complaint against detention, maltreatment by army

By Mai Shams El-Din CAIRO: An activist filed a complaint to the Prosecutor General Monday against the detention and maltreatment of protester Amr Abdullah El-Behairy by military police. Laila Soueif, a Cairo University professor, said in her complaint that El-Behairy was detained and severely beaten by the military police at 2 am on Saturday. Army soldiers …


HRW says many protesters still in military custody

By Mai Shams El-Din CAIRO: Human Rights Watch (HRW) along with Egyptian human rights organizations and two internet-based groups documented scores of people who went missing since Egypt’s military rulers took charge of security on Jan. 28, according to a report issued by HRW. Human rights activists confirmed that the military, who is ruling the country …


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