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Egypt condemns Israeli settlement activity

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry condemned Israel’s increasing settlement activity on the West Bank in a Thursday statement. The ministry’s statement also stressed the illegality of Israeli settlement activity and its incompatibility with internationally-recognised resolutions. The Israeli government announced plans to build more settlements in the West Bank last week. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zaid described …

Daily News Egypt


Protest organised for Suleiman Khater’s 30th death anniversary

The Egyptian Committee Against Normalization organised a protest Wednesday at the Press Syndicate to commemorate the 30th death anniversary of Suleiman Khater, the Egyptian soldier and struggler who fought against Israel. They chanted against the Israeli occupation of Palestine and lack of Arab governments’ action towards the cause

Amira El-Fekki

The QIZ: A Faustian Deal

Egypt and Israel signed the Qualifying Industrial Zone (QIZ) 11 years ago, which promotes and facilitates the entry of garment exports to the US market and in exchange, Egyptian factories import raw materials from Israel. At the time, my colleagues and I called this agreement a deal with the devil. When we sign agreements with Israel or …

Hussein Abd Rabo