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Germany sticks to balanced budget policy

The German government has said Europe’s powerhouse will not move away from its budgetary policy of zero fresh borrowing, Brexit or not. It’s Berlin’s way of sending a “signal of continuity,” but not everyone is amused.

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German inflation picks up moderately

Inflation in Germany has gone up a bit recently, reflecting a trend reversal in energy prices and higher prices for services. But economists are far from sounding the all clear after the latest statistical data.

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German minimum wage set to rise in 2017

A special commission of German employers and workers has agreed to slightly increase the statutory national minimum wage, meaning good news especially for millions of low-skilled workers in Europe’s biggest economy.

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Soros in huge bet against Deutsche Bank

Bank shares have been hit hard since the UK’s Brexit referendum. Two hedge funds homed in on Germany’s Deutsche Bank – betting huge sums of money on the large lender’s stock price dropping further.

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Founding EU members talk Brexit in Berlin

Germany’s top diplomat Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged Brexit talks to start “as soon as possible” after meeting representatives of the EU’s founding nations. His colleagues also put pressure on London to hurry talks up.

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German leaders react to Brexit vote

Reactions to the UK’s decision to leave the European Union were quick to pour out of Germany, one of the bloc’s most stalwart proponents. Leaders will now discuss how to prevent a chain reaction in other EU states.

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Should France follow Germany’s lead?

France’s government is trying to imitate Germany – and is facing a lot of resistance for doing so, as evidenced by the current strikes and demonstrations. But maybe Germany isn’t the shining example it’s set up to be.

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Good news for neutral and Germany fans

Germany had hoped to take all three points against Poland – to book their tickets for the round of 16. That this didn’t go according to plan is no catastrophe for the neutral – or Germany fan, writes DW’s Chuck Penfold.

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