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Palestinian Authority blames Gaza for deficit mess

By Jihan Abdalla / Reuters RAMALLAH: Paying for the upkeep of the Gaza Strip while its political rival actively blocks revenues flowing back is taking its toll on the deficit-racked Palestinian Authority. The Western-backed PA, many of whose top leaders belong to the mainstream Fatah movement, says it has poured around $7 billion into the …


A country of walls: An interview with Talal Okal

After 13 attempts to blow up pipelines supplying fuel to Israel and to Jordan from Egypt, a worsening security situation in Sinai, Gaza-based political commentator Talal Okal explains that it’s become difficult to maintain control over the area. In an exclusive interview with Bitterlemons International, Okal relays how this has affected residents of the Gaza …


EU urges Gaza’s Hamas rulers to end executions

By AFP JERUSALEM: EU officials in Jerusalem and Ramallah on Wednesday condemned Gaza’s Hamas rulers for executing three prisoners and urged the Islamist movement to give up the practice of capital punishment. The Hamas-run interior ministry on Saturday said three prisoners had been executed, one of whom was convicted of “collaborating” with Israel and two …


Fuel arrives in Gaza under new deal

By AFP GAZA CITY: Fuel began arriving in Gaza on Wednesday as per a new deal between the territory’s Hamas government and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, an official said. “Tanks of fuel holding 45,000 liters each entered through the Kerem Shalom crossing this morning,” Raed Futuh, the coordinator on the Palestinian side …


In Gaza, power cuts and rumors hamper reconciliation

By Selim Saheb Ettaba / AFP GAZA CITY: A smart white villa with a red roof sits uninhabited but under close guard in Gaza City, awaiting the return of its owner, Fatah head and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas. Members of the Hamas government’s security services surround the building, which fell into their hands when long-running tensions …


Gazan killed as Palestinians mark Land Day

By Mai Yaghi /  AFP GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories: A 20-year-old man was killed and another 51 people injured by Israeli fire on Friday, as thousands rallied across the West Bank and Gaza to mark Land Day, medical sources said. Demonstrations also took place in annexed east Jerusalem and across Israel, as well as in Jordan, …


Red Cross: Gaza fuel shortage puts lives at risk

By AP GENEVA: The International Committee of the Red Cross says a shortage of fuel in the Gaza Strip is putting the lives of thousands of hospital patients in the Palestinian territory at risk. The Red Cross said Thursday it is preparing to deliver 150,000 liters of diesel to the Ministry of Health in Hamas-controlled …


Small amounts of Israeli fuel reaching Gaza

By Ibrahim Barzak / AP GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip: Small amounts of Israeli fuel were trucked into the Gaza Strip on Friday, slightly easing an energy crisis provoked by a cut-off of Egyptian fuel, Palestinian and Israeli officials said. The shipment however did not meet Gaza’s total energy needs for even one day, one official said, …


Lone rocket hits Israel as Gaza truce firms up

By AFP JERUSALEM: Just one rocket was fired from Gaza into Israel during the first 12 hours of Friday, the military said, as a fledgling truce in and around the Palestinian territory firmed up. “Only one rocket has been fired at Israel since midnight (2200 GMT) on Thursday, an army spokeswoman told AFP early on …


No fuel from Egypt despite payments: Palestinians

By AFP GAZA CITY: The Palestinian energy authority in Gaza said on Wednesday it had paid Egypt $2 million towards fuel for its crippled power station, but had yet to receive anything in return. Gaza is experiencing a major electricity crisis because of a shortage of fuel for its sole power plant. The plant, which …


US welcomes Egypt-brokered Gaza truce

  WASHINGTON: The United States said Tuesday that it welcomed Egypt’s announcement that it had brokered a truce between Israel and Gaza militants, following four days of deadly violence. “There are reports that the Egyptians have been able to negotiate some calm. If, in fact, that’s the case, that would, of course, be very welcome,” …


Two killed in new Israeli strike on Gaza, say medics

By AFP GAZA CITY: A Palestinian man and his daughter were killed in a new Israeli air strike on the Gaza Strip on Monday, medics said, bringing the toll from three straight days of violence to 23. Emergency services spokesman Adham Abu Selmiya told AFP the latest raid struck the Jabalia refugee camp in northern …


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