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Notes From America: The Falafel Wars

By Ahmed Tharwat In my last flight to Paris, I was fortunate to be sitting next to a young man who seemed cautious; with an excessive head turning motion. He seemed like he was waiting for something to come or to happen. We avoided each other for a few thousand miles, until I started playing …

Daily News Egypt

Commodity prices stable, prices drop: Minister of Supply

The minister pointed out that enough quantities of cooking oil have been contracted to suffice for consumption till the end of July – a total of 172,000 tonnes – with a value of EGP 1.5bn. A supply of Brazilian poultry, 23,300 tonnes, was also contracted.

Mohamed Ayyad

Food crisis in Cameroon

The country ranks 150 out of 186 countries on the 2013 UNDP’s Human Development Index, which measures countries based on income, life expectancy and education.

Daily News Egypt

Ramadan beneath the surface: Cinnamon baasto and gingered coffee

Ramadan provides an annual opportunity for restaurants to show off their best meals for the hungry fasting crowd. The food business thrives as customers line up to find a seat in dinner halls, fast food outlets and ‘shaaby chic’ kitchens.

But there are other establishments to choose from once you’re done with lengthy family dinners at home, local places only known by name and neglected by reviewers. We, a meat-loving Egyptian and a flexible vegetarian foreigner with a shared love of food, go on a culinary quest through the streets of Cairo to experience Ramadan beneath the surface.

Daily News Egypt

Egypt aims to boost wheat self-sufficiency

Wheat represented the largest single subsidy expenditure after fuel price support, which was unexpectedly cut at the start of July, increasing the prices of car fuel and natural gas by more than 70% and driving up food prices by 20% according to economists.

Daily News Egypt