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Eid travel

With a long weekend ahead it is the perfect time to check out the best places to visit in Egypt

Daily News Egypt


In Pictures: Egypt celebrates Eid

Across the country, Eid prayers were held in all mosques on Thursday morning. These photos come from different mosques united in prayers but divided in politics. From Nahda sit in to Tahrir, to the violence-gripped city of Al Arish in North Sinai

Daily News Egypt

Festivity at the end of Ramadan

On the night of 29 Ramadan, ideally with the Eid clothes and kahk bought and ready, Muslims eagerly await the result of the Rou’ya, where the official decision of whether or not the next day is Eid is taken by looking for the crescent of the new lunar moon. If the crescent is spotted, then Eid is announced in the given Islamic country.

Rana Muhammad Taha

The tradition of kahk

These days more and more people will buy their kahk from professional bakers, yet in many homes the women have been getting together to mix, knead, stuff and bake tray after tray of the delectable cookies.

Adel Heine

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