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How Egyptians’ morals justify immoralities

Inspired by their own logic and aided by their talent in justifying their sins, Egyptians tend to transform their disgraceful acts into morally acceptable practices. Living in a country where honour and integrity have been declining steadily over the years, has led many Egyptians, unconsciously, to acknowledge immorality as a cultural norm. Unfortunately, this kind …

Mohammed Nosseir

Are Egyptians naturally bad─or badly ruled?

  ‘Stay home’ is the advice I often give to Egyptians who are unable to tolerate the behaviour of their fellow citizens. In Egypt, the moment a citizen steps out of his home, the wide-ranging drama that literally entails an endless list of interactions (with fellow citizens, vehicles, roads, the environment, etc) begins. The direct …

Mohammed Nosseir

Egyptian wrestling players in Poland

The most significant victory was achieved by Egypt’s Haitham Fahmy in the Greco-Roman 59kg division, in which he acquired a silver medal, with the gold medal going to Japan’s Kenichiro Fumita.

Maya Nawar

How Egypt is ruled and ruined by opportunists

Egypt is ruled by the maxim: “You must have a stake to have a say.” Egyptians are not governed based on citizenship, which gives everyone equal rights, but based on a stakeholders’ concept that gives more power to citizens who have more wealth and who are closest to the ruler. Egyptian citizenship enables Egyptians to …

Mohammed Nosseir

Al-Sisi’s fans—being loud is not necessarily being right

Being loud does not mean being right, but since Egyptians value loudness over logic, millions of citizens are trapped into believing that their arguments are correct—simply because their voices are loud. Many of the ruling regime’s supporters live under this unfortunate delusion; they compete with their peers by loudly regurgitating the regime’s false arguments. Endlessly …

Mohammed Nosseir

Egyptians in Qatar: where to?

There is no doubt that the conflict between Egypt and Qatar has begun moving from the political arena to other areas of conflict, and unfortunately the victims of this new conflict are Egyptian expatriates working in Qatar, especially those who have been outspoken about their support for the future roadmap since July 2013 and elected …

Abdallah Al-Moghazy

Why Egyptians are more tense today than under Mubarak’s rule

After revolting twice against their rulers in less than five years, Egyptians are now longing for the era of Hosni Mubarak. They long for when the economy was substantially better, security was functioning and the country was more politically stable. After decades of suffering and after paying a high price for their two “revolutions”, Egyptians …

Mohammed Nosseir

Battle of Egyptians’ morale

In a previous article, I wondered: why would a soldier take off his military uniform and surrender his gun to leave his position to his enemies in the middle of a battle? And why would another soldier go to the battlefield when he knows very well that his colleagues had died in the same place? …

The five noes

I strongly reject the way the government rules the country. I refuse to see all officials belittle the minds of the Egyptians and cover up for their mistakes by directing attention towards the wrong things. They refuse to strain the military and burden it with all infrastructure projects. We even call them to solve our …

Emad El-Sayed

Lessons learned from 25 January

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution, the greatest thing that Egyptians came together, even if some people hate this. Irrespective of the attempts of some to undermine it, or compare it to other incidents, the effect that the revolution left on Egyptians cannot be compared to that of any other incident. …

Mohamed Abdel Kareem

Egyptians disappear, Egypt disintegrates

By Wael Eskandar Nabil Elboustany was on his way to Sinai on 6 October to meet his brother Tarek for vacation. At a checkpoint just outside Sharm El-Sheikh, the police performed a background check on Nabil and found him on their system due to an old case that included trumped up charges of which he …

Daily News Egypt

Why Egyptians repeatedly end up with mediocre governments

If you are a scientifically renowned Egyptian citizen harbouring great ambitions for your country with a desire to see it progress faster, please keep your knowledge and ambitions to yourself. The government is not interested in your contribution; Egypt has always been governed by an insentient state that will never be capable of taking notice …

Mohammed Nosseir