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Clashes near Egypt-Libya border leave two dead

By AFP CAIRO: Two people were killed during clashes between residents of an Egyptian town close to the Libyan border and security forces, security officials told AFP on Wednesday. Residents of Salloum in western Egypt on Tuesday night blocked the main motorway heading to Libya to protest security restrictions on cross-border traffic and increased tariffs …


Libyan tribe closes border crossing with Egypt

By Aya Batrawy and Rami Al-Shaheibi / AP BENGHAZI: Libyan tribesmen have closed the country’s main border crossing with Egypt, complaining of a rise in crime and rampant smuggling of drugs and weapons across the frontier, residents and officials said. Although most of the Libyan smugglers are members of the same Wilad Ali tribe that has …


N. Africa countries adopt plan to secure borders

By Ali Shuaib / Reuters TRIPOLI: Nine northern African countries including Libya, Algeria and Egypt agreed on Monday to work together to secure their borders in a move to clamp down on militia clashes and weapons smuggling in the wake of the Arab Spring uprisings. Under the Tripoli Plan, countries will adopt stronger measures including sharing …


Weapons smuggled into Egypt from Libya increase

By AP CAIRO: Egyptian security officials say thousands of weapons are being smuggled into the country across the Libyan border. They say residents of southern Egypt, where extended families often accumulate large arsenals to protect property and settle feuds, are the main buyers. The officials said Monday that 576 weapons including modern sniper rifles were …


Libya calls on neighbors to help plug porous borders

By Dominique Soguel  / AFP TRIPOLI: Libya has called its neighbors to a meeting on their porous common borders, which since the downfall of Moamar Qaddafi have become major conduits for smuggling, an official said on Thursday. Regional security experts are penciled to meet in Tripoli on March 9 and 10, paving the way for a …


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