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Exchange of fire along Israel-Egypt border, says army

By AFP JERUSALEM: Israeli troops opened fire at a group of suspects along the Egyptian border on Tuesday, two of whom had crossed from Egypt, a military spokesman said, indicating that several of them were wounded. The incident took place 2:00 pm (1200 GMT), the army said. Also during the afternoon, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin …


Israeli troops kill one, wound 3 on Egypt border

By AFP JERUSALEM: Israeli troops on Thursday killed a man and wounded and arrested three others in an exchange of gunfire on the border with Egypt, the Israeli army said. “Israeli soldiers on patrol along the Israeli-Egypt border spotted a group of men on Israeli territory and opened fire to stop them, after the usual …


Do fence me in: Israel closing Sinai loopholes

By Douglas Hamilton / Reuters SINAI BORDER, Israel: It may be only a “dumb” fence, but it’s a big one. Israel hopes it will protect the remote Sinai border from infiltration by enemies exploiting the wandering ways of Bedouin tribes and a perceived surge in lawlessness following Egypt’s political upheavals. When it is finished in 2013, …


Israel kills armed infiltrator from Sinai

By AFP JERUSALEM: Israeli forces engaged in a firefight overnight with gunmen who infiltrated from Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, killing one, the Israeli military said on Tuesday. “Soldiers patrolling along the Israel-Egypt border identified a number of suspects who had infiltrated into Israel,” the military said in a statement. “The suspects fired at the soldiers, who …


Israel places troops along Egypt border on ‘high alert’

JERUSALEM: Israeli units deployed along the southern border with Egypt were ordered on "high alert" late on Friday for fear of a "terrorist attack," an army spokeswoman said. The alert came as Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas formally asked the United Nations to admit Palestine as a member state, making history in his people’s long quest …


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