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PA summons petroleum minister to discusses gas crisis

CAIRO: Minister of Petroleum Abdallah Ghorab told the People’s Assembly (PA) Monday that the average citizen does not benefit from the LE 20 billion allocated subsidy for butane gas cylinders due to poor distribution. Ghorab, who was rebuked by an MP for giving numbers that don’t add up, said an insufficient amount of cylinders reaches …


Petrol panic eases in Egypt

CAIRO: Fuel distribution improved in Egypt on Thursday after panicked motorists flooded gas stations for days, prompting the death of one person and scuffles that left several people hurt. Queues receded at many Cairo stations, which have been short on petrol and diesel since Sunday, an AFP correspondent said. Media outlets reported improvements since Wednesday, …


Fuel crisis in North Sinai continues, residents block main road

AL-ARISH: North Sinai suffered a shortage in car fuel for the second time, paralyzing activities in the governorate and prompting residents of Sheikh Zowayed to block Al-Arish International Road. All transportation services have been stalled as some of the microbus drivers increased the fare to cover the increased costs of buying fuel from the black …


Gas station owners deny responsibility for supply shortage

CAIRO: A group of 30 Cairo gas station owners demonstrated Sunday in front of Misr Petroleum, demanding proper allocation of gas and oil resources, fair commission and a change of the company’s management. Some in Egypt have experienced a shortage of supply at a number of gas stations this past week. Earlier this month, South …


Fuel crisis paralyzes Sharm, Dahab, Nuweiba

SHARM EL-SHEIKH: Sever shortages of petrol in the South Sinai cities of Dahab, Nuweiba and Sharm El-Sheikh have reached crisis levels, according to residents. The shortages are attribute to the fact that nearly 100,000 holiday-makers were returning home at the same time after the Eid El-Fitr break in a vast area with only six petrol …


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