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Cairo’s Citadel Music Festival to begin tomorrow

The festival is of crucial importance because it is now one of, if not the only, cultural event that is a portal from the artistic towers to the bottom of society. It reaches people who need to be nourished by art, who are thirsty and are finally provided with water.

Daily News Egypt

Markaz: traditional handcrafts with a unique twist

Markaz works with artisans from all over Egypt and although it is a commercial business, they are committed to making a positive social impact by creating a platform in which local artisans can gain financial independence and pass on their skills to younger generations.

Adel Heine

Trains in the Cairo nights

The railroad that traverses Maadi seems a relic from a time long past; grass grows between the iron rails and the trees that grow on the sides of the track join high in the air to form a tunnel of leaves.

Adel Heine

Internal Memo 21581-2012

The army is one of the country’s largest and richest business empires and it is too integral to our economic interests to have it ran this way

Mahmoud Salem

Opinion pages kept busy with 24 August protests and Morsy’s visit to Iran

As three days passed after the 24 August anti-Morsy protests were organised, columnists have continued to analyse the repercussions of the demonstrations. Some writers condemned the entire notion, while highlighting angles and reasons of failure, others praised the move describing it as one of the first successful trials of democracy and one of the most …

Daily News Egypt

Calls to fix energy pricesfor factories

The Exports Council for Construction Materials (ECCM) will hold an urgent meeting this Sunday to request Prime Minister Hesham Qandil fix energy prices for factories. The ECCM plans to ask for a detailed five year plan to fix energy prices for industries. Waleed Gamal Eldeen, Presidentof the ECCM, said the energy prices instability is causing …

Daily News Egypt

New initiative to maximise benefits of international trade agreements

By Inaam El Adawy The Federation of the Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC) has adopted an initiative to review the trade agreements signed with Egypt in previous years. The initiative is aimed at seeking methods to derive optimal benefit from the agreements. “We are currently studying the free trade agreements between Egypt and other states, to …

Daily News Egypt

Cimatheque premieres UK’s Deep State

Mirza commented on the premise of the film, “it is a modern tale of insurrectionary struggles that wants to speak about the term of the ‘deep’ state, the complexity of power, the forces that operate on the state and through the state, which is then internalised by us as citizens.”

Daily News Egypt

The Vibe Zone – radio on the net

Shows like World Beat, playing only world music, Mosh Pit Maniacs completely dedicated to metal music and The Vibe Zone featuring funky jazz, acid jazz, old school R&B, soul and funk, Capital Club Radio attracts listeners that are interested in more than the Top 40.

Adel Heine

The Heavy Stick of Democracy

By Mohaammed Aly Ibrahim, former editor of the Egyptian Gazette and AlGoumhoria newspapers For decades Egyptians were kept on a tight rein. Our leaders used “democracy” as chewing gum before TV cameras then threw it away upon leaving interviews or press conferences. Either in dictatorship or in the incumbent so-called democracy, the concept of people’s …

Daily News Egypt

Is it really not the time to settle scores?

Properly wielding his legislative mandate for the first time since he has taken office, President Mohamed Morsy divulged his powers and outlawed the temporary detention of Islam Afify, one of his harshest critics. Several media professionals, activists and even ordinary citizens eulogized the positive stride taken by Morsy. For many, the new president is probably …

Daily News Egypt

Columnists continue dissecting 24 August protests

After anti-Muslim Brotherhood protests gained public and political attention on 24 August, columnists in several Egyptian newspapers examined the primary reasons behind the demonstrations. Many supported the idea and condemned assaults against protesters, accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of being intolerant of opposition and criticism. Others took the time to consider the protester’s demands, rather than …

Daily News Egypt

Embaba Airport housing project to be completed by year’s end

By Mohamed Darwish The Greater Cairo Housing Authority (GCHA) has finished constructing 82 percent (2800 out of 3400 apartments) of the Embaba Airport housing project, in preparation for delivery to owners in December. General Hesham Abu Senna, Director of the GCHA, said the area has been provided with electrical power from the national grid and …

Daily News Egypt