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Di Salata, that is our lives

Di Salata is Egypt’s first- and only- video magazine. The concept centres on the idea that they offer a diverse group of shows that aim to cater to everyone. The idea started right after the revolution as Mohamed El-Bassiouny, co-founder and managing director, told us.

Daily News Egypt

Sun, sand, sea and dance: Hurghada

The budding dance community on the Egyptian Red Sea is becoming more popular as the host for small, exotic, inexpensive dance getaways for both the experienced and the novice dancer. And the close proximity of Hurghada to Europe and other Middle Eastern countries and the relatively cheap travel packages makes it an excellent spot for a holiday where you can dance to your heart’s delight.

Daily News Egypt

Has the balance of power shifted within Egyptian political life?

Ever since 25 January 2011, Egypt has been searching for a new balance. For, the revolution, like any other revolution, replaced the existing balance with a new one. The transitional phase that follows any revolution is the phase during which the powers that had participated in the revolution clash with each another in order to …

Farid Zahran