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Khalifa Fund activates development loan agreement to Egypt

A loan agreement between the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, the Egyptian Ministry of International Cooperation and Social Fund for Development has been reintroduced, according to Khalifa Fund Chairman Hussain Jasim Al-Nowais. The agreement worth $200m was initially proposed in November 2014, to invest in Egyptian micro-project developments, following all the legal procedures in both …

Daily News Egypt

Funding pre-schooling has longer-lasting benefits

By Bjørn Lomborg As the United Nations is currently debating how to allocate about $2.5tr in development aid for the 2015-2030 period, education will most likely gain prominence. But do we fund early education or secondary school? In a paper commissioned by the Copenhagen Consensus Center, Economist George Psacharopoulos says the priority should be increasing …

Daily News Egypt

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