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Does the constitution matter?

By Dr Mohamed Fouad As the 50-member committee completed their work on the new constitution for Egypt – the second in less than two years, the document was met with mixed reviews. Amr Moussa, the chairman of the committee, asserted earlier this week that this is a constitution that responds to the requirements of the …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Egypt’s new constitution: A comparative overview

On Sunday, 1 December, Egypt’s Constituent Assembly finished its task to amend the suspended constitution of 2012. The assembly handed over the draft to interim President Adly Mansour, who will in turn put it up for a public referendum in the upcoming weeks. Though praised and supported by its drafters, commentators and public figures, many voices are raising concerns regarding Egypt’s second constitution after 25 January. The Daily News Egypt now reviews some of the new constitutional amendments and compares them to the articles of the 2012 constitution.

Sarah El Masry

Beyond Definitions

A couple of weeks ago, on a beautiful sunny Friday, I was having breakfast with a young and brilliant economist, who is a friend of mine. I asked for her opinion on how Egypt is doing economically, and if there was a term that actually defined our economic state. She laughed hysterically, then told me …

Mahmoud Salem