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Review: Media, Gaza and constitution debated in op-eds

Many columnists have discussed the recent attacks on Gaza, which occurred despite President Mohamed Morsy predicting an end to the Israeli aggression on Monday. Other commentators tackled the deteriorating media situation and the ongoing clashes around Mohamed Mahmoud Street.   The best eras of security vacuum Emad Al-Din Hussein Al-Shorouk newspaper Hussein denounces what he …

Fady Salah

Down with Shari’a in the constitution

With every semblance of what is commonly referred to as “the civil forces” (the church representatives, the secular parties and members) withdrawn from it, the Egyptian Constituent Assembly’s fate seems more precarious than ever. While many speculate about its fate and the fate of the constitution it is supposed to present to the public soon, …

Mahmoud Salem

Review: Commentaries still overwhelmed with Shari’a Friday

Following reports of clashes between Islamist and liberal protesters in Tahrir Square last Friday, columnists continue to write about the persistent request to apply Islamic jurisprudence in Egypt. In a similar framework, more than one writer has explored the constitutional article that relates to Al-Azhar, asserting that views of prominent Sheikhs will be taken into …

Daily News Egypt

Egyptian economy in draft constitution

The objective of the national economy is to achieve balanced sustainable development, protect the production and income increase, and guarantee social justice, and solidarity and welfare.

Mohamed Salah