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Chinese retailer buys Inter Milan

With football fever growing in China, another investor from the country is shooting for the sport’s foreign market. Electronics giant Suning has purchased a majority stake in storied Italian football club Inter Milan.

Deutsche Welle

Asian Development Bank ups its clout

With a simply trick, the Asian Development Bank will greatly increase its financial fire power. Is there a catch? Is the move a reaction to competition by China’s new development bank, asks Andreas Becker in Frankfurt.

Deutsche Welle

Mitsubishi warns of first annual loss

Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan’s biggest trading house, has warned that it will post its first ever annual loss since its founding in 1954. The group said slower growth in China meant a dip into the red was “inevitable.”

Deutsche Welle

China’s Wanda new FIFA top sponsor

FIFA announced a new sponsorship deal with China’s Wanda Group, in a win for the newly elected president of world football’s governing body. The 14-year deal will give the Chinese top sponsorship rights.

Deutsche Welle

China and the Middle East: Tilting towards Iran?

President Xi Jinping went from Riyadh to Iran this month to become the first foreign leader to do so following the lifting of international sanctions against the Islamic republic. Saudi leaders could not have been pleased. China and Saudi Arabia (and Egypt) signed $55bn worth of cooperation agreements during Xi’s visit, including a nuclear cooperation …

James Dorsey

The Middle East: China Venturing into the Maelstrom

Chinese President Xi Jingping has effectively acknowledged that, increasingly, China will be unable to remain aloof to multiple crises in the Middle East in his decision to visit the region – at a time that two of its major powers, Saudi Arabia and Iran, are at loggerheads. It was only last year that Xi dropped …

James Dorsey