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CBE governor denies resignation

The governor of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) Farouk Al-Oqda denied tendering his resignation after attending the cabinet’s economic committee meeting Sunday. Rumours concerning the resignation of Al-Oqda spread after President Morsy’s meeting with Hisham Ramez, deputy governor of the CBE. State TV reported Saturday that Al-Oqda resigned and that he will be replaced …

Liliana Mihaila

USD exchange rate skyrockets

Few days after president ‘s statement that the Egyptian Pound will not be devaluated, the exchange rate of the US dollar rises against the Egyptian pound to hit its highest level since 2004

Daily News Egypt

Central Bank to issue more bonds and treasury bills

The Ministry of Finance announced the Central Bank of Egypt is to issue treasury bills and bonds, amounting to EGP 52 billion during September, state-owned news agency MENA has reported. The government will issue 91 day, 182 day, 273 day and 364 day treasury bills, amounting to EGP three billion, EGP eight billion, EGP 15 …

Daily News Egypt

Foreign reserves on the threshold of stabilisation

Foreign reserves on the threshold of stabilisation

Nasser Youssef Mokhtar Youssef, member of the Board of Directors with the United Bank, stated that stabilising Egypt’s foreign currency reserves was a positive sign and that expediting the transitional period is an important factor to regaining economic stability. “The increases witnessed during the previous three months were largely incidental, Youssef explained, noting that ‘yellow …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt T-bill auction a success as demand picks up

By Tom Pfeiffer / Reuters CAIRO: Egypt’s central bank sold more treasury bills than it originally offered at an auction on Sunday, as optimism that the country will secure an emergency IMF loan draws more local investors into high-yielding government debt, analysts said. The bank sold LE 4.5 billion ($746 million) of 266-day T-bills, instead of …


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