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No fresh borrowing in the years ahead?

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is confident that Europe’s powerhouse can fare without fresh borrowing up to 2020. Higher labor market spending is to be offset by steadily rising tax revenue.

Deutsche Welle

Cabinet agrees on tariff of buying electricity from waste by EGP 0.92/kWh

By Mohamed Farag and Shaimaa Badawi The cabinet approved a system of buying electricity and petroleum products taken from recycling factories with prices amounting to EGP 0.92 per kWh, with 70% of the international prices of the products, in accordance with the specifications. Payments should be in Egyptian pounds. According to the cabinet’s decision, the …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt deserves better than to be toyed with

We were all glad that Mehleb’s government had stepped down, but our happiness had nothing to do with the man, whom we respect, and his appreciated efforts during a tough period and before he became Prime Minster, at a time when any sane person would have refused such a post. It has nothing to do …

Emad El-Sayed