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Egyptian troops

Egypt’s army kills 32 takfiris, arrests​ others

The Egyptian military killed 32 takfiris and arrested dozens of suspects in coordination with police forces, the army spokesperson said in a statement on Thursday. This came during raids that took place throughout the past few days. The number of takfiris included twelve killed by the army and another 20 killed by Egyptian police. This …

Daily News Egypt

Counterterrorism: Main pillar of post-3 July state

The latest Sinai 2018 operation is not the first counterinsurgency operation that has been down to limit the effect of militancy in Egypt since the ouster of Islamist former president Mohamed Morsi. Indeed, several military campaigns have been unleashed to eliminate radical militant groups whose activity peaked after 2013, and found refuge in Sinai and …

Adham Youssef

Egyptian troops

Egypt sees boom in military manufacturing

Many have called for the development of Egypt’s weapons arsenal because powerful nations live in peace. Calls for the development of armament remained neglected by the state, which argued that times of war have ended. In previous years, the Middle East witnessed a number of wars and conflicts not witnessed since the October War of …

Tamer Farhat

Army kills 6, arrests 31 in North Sinai 

The Egyptian army said on Monday that it killed six takfiri terrorists in the past week in North Sinai and arrested thirty-one others. The army spokesperson said this came amid the “Martyr’s Right” operation, launched in 2015 to lead counterattacks on militants in Sinai. The army further said it destroyed 65 terrorist dens, car bombs, …

Daily News Egypt