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Their pain is our shame

By Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor What does it say about our part of the world that our Syrian brothers and sisters feel the need to flee to a place where they are not wanted? To a place where they are being humiliated and insulted! What does it say about our wealthy Arab World, blessed with …

Khalaf Al Habtoor

Paris – the Arab world´s last chance

In December 2015, delegates from all countries of the world will meet at the United Nations conference on climate change in Paris. The hope is that the global community will achieve an agreement which would assure future global warming does not exceed 2 °C compared to the pre-industrial era. Nothing against high level talks. Unfortunately, …

Daily News Egypt

‘Replace My Face’ blends Western beauty with Eastern charm

By Rana Khaled   Have you ever noticed that Fouad El-Mohandes and Robin Williams look alike? Or paid attention to the resemblance between Bridgette Bardot and Naglaa Fathy, Ismail Yassin and Charlie Chaplin or Philip Seymour Hoffman and Yehia Al-Fakharany? A 24-year-old graphic designer, Hagar Nagi, decided to search for international celebrities who look similar …

Daily News Egypt

Arab Spring and the rise of non-state actors

By Fadi Elhusseini In the past four years, Arabs have been living an endless Sisyphean ordeal, an unexpected nightmare after rising for what they called “the Arab Spring”. A very similar scenario was cloned in most of the Arab Spring countries. Alas, a hopeful revolution turned into belligerence, then into strife followed by a war, …

Daily News Egypt

Notes From America: The Falafel Wars

By Ahmed Tharwat In my last flight to Paris, I was fortunate to be sitting next to a young man who seemed cautious; with an excessive head turning motion. He seemed like he was waiting for something to come or to happen. We avoided each other for a few thousand miles, until I started playing …

Daily News Egypt