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Analysing DNA in soil could be an effective way of tracking animals

Another advantage of eDNA is the possibility of distinguishing species that look similar. For example, the researchers found the DNA of the Norway rat in soil samples, confirming the presence of this species in the area for the first time. Previous camera surveys could not tell the difference between Norway and black rats.

Daily News Egypt

Why urban wildlife is thriving in Berlin

Berlin might seem like a concrete jungle, but the metropolis has more biodiversity than you’d expect. What is it about Berlin that attracts wild foxes, raccoons, boars and the largest number of birds in all of Germany?

Deutsche Welle

Big animals eat only big seeds? Think again

A new study finds that large animals eat not only large seeds but small ones too – helping with seed dispersal. If they become extinct, this could have an impact on overall biodiversity in an ecosystem. Scientists have long thought that small animals eat small seeds and large animals eat large seeds. But a new study by researchers in Australia…

Deutsche Welle

Political change in Egypt: A chance for the people, but also for wildlife

By Bradnee Chambers  Political instability brings economic hardship, social upheaval and human suffering in its wake, with sometimes devastating impacts on the environment.  The excessive trapping of migratory birds is an example of history repeating itself as political instability leads to increased damage to nature. Collaborative and workable solutions are needed. Nets to catch birds …

Daily News Egypt

Calling all animal activists

Six days ago, three grizzly bears died at Giza Zoo. Reports on the news stated that the three female bears were fighting over a male. Thus ensued a slew of jokes about the prowess of the male bear, though how someone can find such negligence- on the part of the zoo- hilarious escapes me. Two …

Sara Abou Bakr

Pet peeves

I find it hard to fathom that anyone can have a fun day while surrounded by examples of animal cruelty that would land those responsible in jail in many countries, but then again I do not have to struggle to feed my family each and every day.

Adel Heine

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