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Taksir Sharqi: a band bonded by love and great music

  Coming from the word broken, Taksir Sharqi refers to broken rhythms, says Ahmed Omran the founder and mastermind leading the band. The word truly reflects their music: chains of musical statements interwoven with other harmonious melodies into a whole unlike anything you’ve heard in recent musical creations, a truly enjoyable and elegantly subtle mix …

Daily News Egypt

Google doodle celebrates Radwa Ashour’s 72nd birthday

Google celebrated the 72nd birthday of the late prominent author Radwa Ashour through a doodle on the search giant’s homepage. Featuring a cartoon of Ashour tightly clutching her book to her chest, with scenes from her novels behind her, Google commemorated the distinguished novelist’s birthday. Ashour was born on 26 May 1946. She is the …

Daily News Egypt

Ramadan in Palestine

Palestinian customs, traditions, and special manifestations distinguish the holy month of Ramadan from other times of the year. These customs were transferred along different generations and preserved until today in the character of the Palestinians. This year, the Palestinians are commemorating the Nakba of 1948 and celebrating Ramadan at the same time. Despite ongoing violence …

Daily News Egypt


Konafa and qatayef: Ramadan’s most in-demand desserts

When it comes to food, Ramadan is the season of highest food consumption. Preparing the iftar meal is not the only dish people stop at, but they go on to prepare the desserts that are as important as the plethora of food that fill families’ tables.  Konafa and qatayef are inseparable part of Ramadan’s tradition …

Daily News Egypt

Ramadan in Iran

As is the case in most Islamic countries, Iranian markets prepare intensively for Ramadan and the demand for Ramadan supplies increases. It is a month filled with invitations and hospitality over iftar (breakfast) meals and suhoor (late dinner). However, Iran is slightly different when it comes to some habits and traditions in receiving Ramadan. Before …

Daily News Egypt

Ramadan in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the largest Islamic country in the world in terms of area. It consists of 16 provinces. The Kazakh people account for 53.4% ​​of the total population, most of whom speak Kazakh. It is the official language of the state and has Turkish origins. About 70% of Kazakhstan’s inhabitants are Muslims. The country borders …

Daily News Egypt

Orientalist scholar Bernard Lewis dies at 101

Bernard Lewis, one of the leading orientalists on the Middle East, passed away on Saturday in Voorhees Township, New Jersey, US at the age of 101. Lewis was born in London in 1916. He graduated from University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in 1936, where he also earned his PhD in …

Daily News Egypt

Lantern handicraft fights to survive

  For hundreds of years, Ramadan has been connected to lanterns in Egypt. Weeks ahead of the start of the holy month, streets become filled with vendors selling lanterns of every shape and size. Just like any other industry in Egypt, Chinese products have recently dominated the sphere, erasing any existence of local production. With …

Daily News Egypt

Ramadan in India

There is a large number of Muslims in India—around 200 million. Islam is the second largest religion in India, following Hinduism. Daily News Egypt will shed light on Indian Muslims’ traditions during the holy month of Ramadan. Despite the great diversity of religions and beliefs in India, everyone lives there in harmony and tolerance. Muslims …

Daily News Egypt

Rare book that describes Egypt to be auctioned at Christie’s

A rare authentic book, Description of Egypt, is to be auctioned at British auction house Christie’s on 29 May with an estimated price range of €300,000–500,000. The original version of the rare book describes Egypt’s landscapes, culture, and traditions through the eyes of the French army during its expedition. The book is the first descriptive …

Daily News Egypt

Ministry of Antiquities to restore Hosh al-Pasha archaeological site

Aiming to take a step forward in the Historic Cairo Restoration Project (HCPR), the Ministry of Antiquities announced on Wednesday the commencement of procedures to study the Hosh al-Pasha archaeological site in Al-Imam Al-Shafie district in order to document the severely damaged parts in need of restoration, according to a ministerial press release. Mohamed Abdel …

Mohamed Abdel Megeed