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Back to blackouts

Blackouts return to Cairo with overloaded summer electric consumption; Ministries collaborate on means of rationalization

Hend El-Behary

Syrian Refuges: No work, no home

Refugees leave their homes for fear of death, often with little more than the clothes on their backs and their hands in their pockets. Escaping the horrors of a civil war that has engulfed their country for two years, thousands of Syrians have made the journey by land, sea and air to find themselves in Egypt; a nation which despite its own extreme economic malaise has opened the gates to provide them with a safe haven in which they can endure the storm.
This is not the case, however, for the Palestinian-Syrian refugees who have also come seeking refuge from the storm, only to find themselves in a barn without a roof.
Daily News Egypt investigates how Syrian refugees survive in Egypt, and how Palestinians are all but forgotten.

Hend El-Behary

Controversy over GlobalAdMart

E-commerce was only recently introduced in the Egyptian market and has picked up steam from the success of a number of companies which rely on the internet and social networks to promote their products, yielding bigger profits quickly and at smaller costs.

Hend El-Behary