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OCI deal pushes stock up

The EGX 30 index closed with a 1.5% surge at 5615.36 points on Tuesday, while the EGX 70 index, encompassing small and medium sized companies, saw a modest rise of 0.53%. The broader index EGX 100 increased by 0.71%.

Hend El-Behary

Government plans to woo Gulf tourists

Vacation planners serving Gulf tourists can enjoy incentives including discounts on EgyptAir flights as well as at some facilities, with the aim of luring larger numbers of Arab tourists to the country.

Hend El-Behary

Post-Morsi economy: bullish or bearish?

Many domestic businessmen, however, disagree; a number have already expressed optimism since the ousting of former president Mohamed Morsi on 3 July, citing a mostly-gaining stock exchange benchmark index, a slight increase in the value of the local currency, and an influx of foreign aid.

Hend El-Behary