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Political Groups call for protests to support judiciary

Groups plan protests in all governorates as Morsi prepares for ‘Justice Conference’

At least 24 political groups, movements and NGOs called for a protest on Wednesday to support the judiciary against “systematic targeting” by the regime.

The groups called for demonstrations in front of Judges’ Clubs in all governorates as the rift between the judiciary and the regime has widened over the past weeks.

The rift worsened recently due to proposed amendments to theJudiciary  by the Shura Council. The majority of judges rejected the amendments, claiming judicial independence is being threatened.

“These protests aim to stress the importance of judicial independence and the separation of powers,” said Hussam Fouda, media official of the National Salvation Front (NSF) youth and secretary of the Free Egyptians Youth.

He added that President Mohamed Morsi’s decisions since he assumed power and until now showed his lack of respect for the law: “I address President Morsi; your interference in the Judiciary will lead to the fall of the Egyptian state.”

The political groups released a statement on Friday night titled Long Live Justice; it stated that political movements have fought for independence of the judiciary since 2006 and stood up against ousted president Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

“These groups now have the responsibility of repeating what they have done seven years ago; by supporting Egypt’s judges against a new dictatorship trying to recruit the judiciary for its own interests,” the statement read.

It added that as long as the judges didn’t draft the judiciary law themselves, the situation will remain the same.

Groups that were part of the statement include Shayfenkom, Haqaneya Centre, Egyptian Social Democratic Party Youth, National Unity Youth Movement, Youth for Justice and Freedom, Free Egyptians Youth Movement and Kefaya Movement, among others.

Presidential Spokesperson Omar Amer had announced that President Morsi will attend a part of the “Justice Conference”, for which preparations are currently undergoing.

Morsi had announced the conference last week, which will include judges, members of judicial institutions, Judges’ Clubs representatives as well as legal experts, professors and lawyers.

During the conference the attendees are tasked with drafting their own judiciary bill that will be endorsed by the president and presented to the Shura Council.

“The conference is just a short-term solution; there are fundamental issues that need to be addressed first, like the unlawful prosecutor general,” Fouda said. “We need decisions rather than wasting time on conferences.”

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